Baby One Last Time


Baby One Last Time

An Agents of HEAT Romantic Suspense Stand-Alone

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Romance - Suspense


He’s my one weakness, and my last hope. Now my ex-partner from HEAT wants to bring me in from the cold. Three months ago, I was expelled from the off-the-books spy agency HEAT for insubordination. Among other things. Now I’d do anything to get back in the game. Anything except work with Derek Wilder again. But when my tall, dark, and diabolical ex-partner offers me a chance to rejoin the agency, turns out I’ll even do that. We’re no longer partners, but at least we’re on the same team, taking down the major players in a weapons smuggling cartel. Dealing with international thugs might be the easy part of my job, though, because my ex is hiding something from me. Something big. In my business, we’re good at keeping secrets, but I’m going to uncover all of his. Because one thing Derek can’t hide is that he wants me as much as I want him. And two can play this smokin’ hot spy game.