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Second Place Award

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Aubree Alexis Deveraux, the cherished oldest daughter of music mogul and prominent attorney wants for nothing. Aubree’s only problem is, she doesn’t have what her heart craves more than anything…Mase. Mason Andrew Styles, the son of Malcolm and Lexi Styles, has been deemed the golden child by his very famous family. Ambitious, disciplined and focused, are the reasons he is one of the most sought after producers from artists all over the world. Not one to disappoint his family, he puts his goals of becoming a politician on the back burner and settles into a routine of survival and success, ignoring his true desires…especially, Aubree. The bond that their parents have makes them family. The two of them have held a a special friendship since they were toddlers and now their love had bloomed into something so natural and unlike either of them have ever known.