Alien Orders

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Alien Orders

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Literary Fiction > Sci-fi & Fantasy
Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Science Fiction > Aliens & Alien Invasion, Fiction > Young Adult > Science Fiction


Do you know the four types of aliens that have hidden themselves amongst governments and armed services throughout the world? No? Well, neither did Air Force Captain Scott Ryan until one night when he encountered a UFO while flying a training mission and was ordered by his superiors to forget what he saw. When Scott learns that airmen at his base had been experiencing the same thing he did for years, he ignores the order and begins digging deeper. Scott’s investigation quickly snowballs from innocent research into revelations of a covert war between humans and aliens and a full-blown government conspiracy and coverup. With a group of aliens known as the “Naturals” going extinct, they are creating more and more alien/human “Hybrids” to ensure their survival—a process that threatens human free will and existence. With the survival of both humans and aliens at stake, Captain Ryan suddenly becomes the only man with enough knowledge to stop the Naturals or . . . to join them?