A Forever Love


A Forever Love

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > YA - Romance


Fifteen-year-old Nessie Corbin longs to be known for more than her last name. From the outside, the Corbins — one of the wealthiest families in town — appear to be the perfect family. Not even close. Manipulative mom, Dr. Isabella Corbin, is at the helm of the family dysfunction. Dad — Tucker — is no match for Isabella’s cunning, cold demeanor, not to mention her vengeful wrath. While Nessie’s social status leaves more to be desired, her older brother Beau lives life out loud. He takes the ‘hottest boy’ and best athlete awards at Sedipar High School. His friends and their girlfriends are the ‘in’ crowd, and Beau has every girl’s attention both on and off the football field. Of course, it’s only natural the quarterback falls for the gorgeous cheer captain, Charlotte Callaway. Lies and deceit from the past begin to tear their small town apart as Isabella’s long-suppressed hatred of the Callaway family overflows, scorching everyone in her path.