A Career Carol

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A Career Carol

A Tale of Professional Nightmares and How to Navigate Them

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Dr Helmut


Dr David
First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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A Career Carol is an irreverent take on the classic Christmas Carol, graduation commencement speakers, and Generation Z expectations. A wry and insightful take on how to successfully navigate a 30-to-40-year professional career. A Career Carol, bridges analogue and digital eras. What constitutes a successful career may have dramatically changed over the last 50 years, but the deeper journey we make as human beings across different life cycles, is eternal. Drs Schuster & Oxley’s take a different and decidedly modern approach to business and life advice. They set out to share real stories of how to navigate the big crises that most of us will have to navigate at some point. In the process, they give the past an entertaining and relevant future. The world, and business literature in particular, is overdue for Shey Sinope. As we witness his journey from reclusive cynical social critic to tentative member of a flawed, and sometimes unkind society, we are amused, provoked, saddened, but u