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The Trailcutter

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After being hired to build a private hiking trail in Malibu, a man stumbles upon a mystery that may tie back to a series of violent crimes.
Book Description

A literary mystery, The Trailcutter touches on environmentalism, Millennial economic anxiety and Los Angeles’s urban wilderness.

When he was younger, Leonard “Lee” Skay weathered the psychological fallout of his mother’s escape from a cult. Now entering middle age, he is a builder of hiking trails around Los Angeles County, though hasn’t been hired in a while. His marriage to Dawn, a professional screenwriter, is one of increasing friction and unspoken resentments. So when a wealthy colleague of Dawn’s named Terry Thomas asks him to build a private trail in the canyon behind his Malibu home, Lee jumps at the opportunity.

While out there working, he encounters a strange man named Daniel Williams Janus, who seems to have carved a secret, minimalist life for himself in the depths of the canyon. Then, after a series of unexplained shootings in the area, and some odd coincidences linking Janus with Terry, Lee finds himself slipping further into the shadows of a potentially deadly mystery.
Take Away / Theme
The book explores the growing tension between urban lands and nature, as well elements of our society and where that tension may be leading us.
Target Audience
Fans of Gillian Flynn, Michael Connelly, Donna Tart. Those who appreciate commercial literary.
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