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The Last Revolutionary

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Three young political leaders in Kerala, India take on the establishment after their mentor, an aging freedom fighter is shot by a gunman leading to a confrontation the powerful Home Minister, an old
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The Last Revolutionary, is character driven, upmarket historical fiction, that is complete at 95,000 words and two rounds of professional editing. Set against the backdrop of real events that shaped pre- and post- independence India, my novel uses multiple POVs to tell the story of aging freedom fighters Karnan and Vasu. After helping to liberate their nation from British rule, the friends returned to their home state of Kerala, only to find that the state is rife with corruption and casteism and the fruits of freedom have been garnered by the privileged few. Their efforts to stay true to the ideals and legacy of the Indian freedom struggle by empowering the marginalized, inspire a group of idealistic student leaders, led by Vasu’s son, Murali, his friend Shibu, and Rukhsana, a mysterious Muslim girl who wears a scarlet Hijab.

Take Away / Theme
The revolutionary will die some day, but conscientious followers step up to ensure that great revolutions live on.
Target Audience
My primary target audience is the roughly 4.5 Million strong Indian American community as well as the 27 Million global Indian diaspora.
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