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A Brotherhood of Wings

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When Gargoyle Khan finds Tamar on his land they find they have an unheard-of mental bond. Can Tamar and her human and Angelic friends help the Khan, and the Guardians thrive again?
Book Description

The Gargoyles, or ‘Guardians’ as they prefer to be called, have broken all ties with humanity. As their numbers dwindle and their species head towards oblivion, they seek answers about who or what will lead them to salvation. Then Khan meets Tamar when she happens onto his land during a monsoon rain. Khan, the reluctant leader of the Guardians, invites her to stay for the night. Khan and Tamar find that they have an unheard-of bond. A bond that will challenge the beliefs of Khan’s people and will very nearly tear the two of them apart. That is until Tamar and her friends meet Alex, Alison, and the Angels of the “Axis Mundi.’

Can Tamar and her new human and Angelic friends help the Guardians find what they are missing so their kind can thrive again?


Take Away / Theme
Gargoyles need God, Angels need Man (Woman). Good triumphs over evil.
Target Audience
Women and men ages 20 50 who love romance and happy endings but don't want an overly sexual theme.
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