TNTD In the Pandemic


As the Heliovirus ravages the guests and crew of the cruise ship Aria, teenagers Dylan and Amy face a quarantine while their loved ones fall ill. Docked indefinitely in San Francisco Bay, the teens and those aboard face another grave threat as a seeded terrorist group uses the situation to their advantage. With every choice possibly being their last, will Amy and Dylan have what it takes to survive? 

In the latest entry in the Try Not To Die series, authors Mark Tullius and John Palisano have collaborated to bring forth a lightning paced, hair raising, adrenaline fuelled thriller. In these books, readers can make choices at the end of each chapter. Some will allow them to continue the adventure, while others lead to creative, gruesome deaths. 

“Written from the heart, and much more than just a sensationalist capitalization, the current pandemic deeply affected myself, as I’ve lost friends and fought the virus, we dug deep on this one. It became much more than I expected, and gave me the chills out of fear at moments, but also for the rich connections between families,” says author Palisano. “I sincerely hope readers enjoy a similar experience.” 

“John Palisano created an incredible story and cast for Pandemic, and I had a blast trying to make the tale even more brutal and disturbing,” says author Tullius. “I think we make one heck of a team and I’m confident that this is the most exciting hour you will ever spend on a cruise ship.” 

TRY NOT TO DIE! IN THE PANDEMIC will be available in mid-October from Vincere Press.

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