The Commander

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Welcome to Utopia – humanity’s second home for over two centuries. It is a world controlled by the military and corporations, waging war with advanced alien races, justas 18-year-old Carter Sanders is conscripted into boot camp. Fellow-recruits resent his privilege, and Carter’s corporate-researcher father isn’t helping by pulling strings behind the scenes. It takes all Carter’s brains and ability to survive skirmishes and develop allies. As Carter trains in weaponry, close-quarter combat, strategy and tactics, he grows physically and mentally stronger. Training exercises and missions test his bravery, while female recruits test his moral fiber in close situations.  

Military policy on bionic upgrades for soldiers is changing, but Carter feels that making them mandatory will damage morale. Upgrades to enhance strength and speed have always been a reward, not punishment. Can Carter and his mis-matched fellow-recruits get their message about preserving morale through to the top brass? Can they survive sadistic drill sergeant Banes before they’re sent off to battle giant, scaled Lorgans on unknown worlds?  

Omni Legends – The Commander – Guardian of Utopia is the first book in an epic New Adult military sci-fi fantasy series. 

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