Surviving Remote Work


Surviving Remote Work does more than provide the tools needed to survive while working from home. It helps you THRIVE while working from home.

Author Sharon Koifman is the founder of DistantJob recruitment agency. He has over two decades of experience running three companies from his computer. He wrote this book in the wake of Covid to help businesses and employees not only survive, but thrive in this new environment – and he did it with two toddlers in the room.

Surviving Remote Work shows you:

  • How to keep your company culture alive remotely — or even build one from scratch.
  • A world-class recipe for onboarding new remote employees — that has received praise from dozens of clients and hundreds of employees.
  • How to manage and avoid distractions — for yourself and your team.
  • The best remote communications technology that no one is using.
  • How to protect your business’ (and your client’s) data in a fully-distributed operation.
  • How to keep the extroverts in your team from wanting to kill themselves.
  • How to keep the introverts in your team from wanting to kill themselves.

For business leaders, managers, educators, employees, and everyone who finds themselves adapting to a remote working lifestyle, this book is for you.

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