Stand Up and Heartbreak

Stand Up and Heartbreak book cover

Stand Up & Heartbreak offers a glimpse into the true life of a 26-yr. old, formerly fat, budding comedienne, in the early 1980’s in NYC. Living in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, she moonlights as an office temp where her slimy boss charms her into his bed and then a walk down the aisle. After marriage, he becomes a stranger to her, a celibate marriage to a sex addict. Extricating herself proves more challenging than she could ever imagine. Finally, she emerges with her punchline, works to rebuild her life, renew her self-esteem, and reclaim her own sexuality.

No one else is writing about this moment in time, right after the death of disco, from a female point of view, when women comedians were lone pioneers. Also, it’s worlds away from today’s morality and relationship priorities. Explore the uncensored struggle in the unwelcoming man’s world of stand-up comedy, brimming with rejection, sexism, bad sex, and disappointment. Because it’s the 80’s there are padded shoulders, permed hair, and almost memorable music.  Comedy at the wrong time, in a world where timing is everything.

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