Zeka Cintra

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Zeka Cintra is a brazilian illustrator. He has degree in Plastic Arts from School of Education São Luís de Jaboticabal – Brazil.

 Since his childhood, he liked to draw on any surface he could find: walls, sidewalks, on the covers of his mother’s recipe books, lined sheets from his school notebook.

At seventeen-year-old he started his career as a draftsman in an architecture firm and soon after, he had a stint in scientific drawing, which lasted a few years.

But the passion for illustrating children’s books has always been greater.

 In the year 2008 he decided to go to live in Portugal with his sister Isabel Cintra, where he decided practicing his artistic activity like illustrator of children books ever since.

Currently he lives in Italy from where he continues his work, also maintaining a work studio in Lisbon – Portugal.

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