CJ Ives Lopez

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CJ Ives Lopez is a BookFest Bellwether
Bookfest bellwether icon, a checkmark over an open book

CJ spent twenty years touring the world thanks to the United States Air Force. During her time, she received two associate degrees, one in Logistics management and the other in business Management, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Green Belt certification in process improvement, and her Special Education Certification.

Upon Retirement, she followed her dreams and became a published Author in 2018 and an Amazon Bestselling Author in 2022. She has published 20+ books under this pen name, and Auntie Nann combined.

In November 2020, CJ started The Authors Porch Podcast, blog, and magazine highlighting authors and their journey, which she continues today.
Wherever she is in the world, you can find a dog at her feet and a keyboard nearby.

Keep up with new releases by signing up for CJ’s newsletter at www.cjiveslopez.com.

Read The Authors Porch Magazine or be on the podcast at www.theauthorsporch.com

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