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Boss Girl Dr. Raye Mitchell is an entertainment lawyer, executive producer, writer, and the Host of The Mouthologist® Podcast and the author of Invisible No More, How Women of Color Master Persuasion When They Go Low, We Go High, How Woman Negotiate from Position of Strength, and author of the forward to What Does It Profit,

The Boss Girl has always lived her passion for working smart, working hard, and having fun in the process. She managed to find her path in life navigating between being a left-brain advocate for justice and fairness and a right-brain creative spirit with a thirst for making big ideas happen.

Now, as the host of The Mouthologist Podcast, Raye creates a platform for a generation of fresh voices, creators, and entrepreneurs to speak up, be heard, and tell their lived stories. Part of her unique programing is a feature called Get Answers Here, whereby Raye helps listeners, writers, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and content creators gain access to expert information in law, leadership, strategy, intellectual property matters, and more her online website www.AskBossGirlRaye.com.

Raye is an alumna of the elite University of Southern California Resident Honors Program. She became one of only twenty or fewer students worldwide offered the prestigious recognition each year of early admissions on merit. After graduating with honors from college, she earned her MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business in marketing, communications, and entrepreneurship. Later, Raye expanded her skills by attending Harvard Law School and later leading her law firm, consulting company, and publishing company. As an intellectual property expert, she focuses on developing, evaluating, and bringing content to market in and publishing, TV, movies, book series, and streaming media platforms.

Raye writes about everyday experiences for everyday people in the area of law, strategy, leadership, fairness, self-care, and creativity and entertainment. To date, she has published four non-fiction books, a non-fiction prequel short story, and continues to work on her one-day-to-be first novel.  Raye spends her time between Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Atlanta.

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