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Anastasia is a Bi Racial Actress, Comedian, Filmmaker and of course Director. A former child actor (under a different name, because, Hollywood) and LA native, she saw the industry at its best and worst. Now as an adult she hopes to be the change she wishes to see in the world. You can find Anastasia making bold diverse content through writing and filmmaking. Even in these unique times, during the year 2020 she has produced and starred in her One Woman Show, 50 Shades of Mixed: Confessions of your Ethnically Ambiguous Best Friend, which ran at the Black Voices Festival and is now doing an encore at Solo Fest. She also produced, directed, wrote and starred in a web series called Disordered, which takes on Eating Disorders and more from a non skinny non white girl perspective.

In the coming months, she intends to produce a Comedy Special that focuses on waking people up and humorously giving lessons on her experience a BIPOC in the industry. As well as doing a Comedy Album. She has written a few pilots focusing on family dynamics and growing up in the industry. She is also working on feature films that discuss colorism, discrimination and true crime, all through horror and comedy. She’s the female Jordan Peele who’s not gonna quit acting.

Anastasia has the privilege to be a member of SAG/AFTRA, AWD, WIF, and WOC Unite.

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