Book Award Entry

Book Award Entry

To submit a book, first purchase your award submission. Once you check out, you will need to complete your award submission in your dashboard.

If you do not have an account, one will be created for you when you make your purchase.
You can find detailed instructions on submitting your book at the bottom of the Awards page.

How to submit your book

  1. Decide on number of categories
    You can view the full list of categories on the Awards page.
  2. Add submission to cart
    Select the appropriate number of categories from the drop down below, and enter your book title. Then click add to cart.
  3. Complete payment process
    Completing the payment process will create a BookFest account for you, and add the award entry to your account for you to complete.
  4. Log into The BookFest
    Go to your “Dashboard” (link at the top of the page). Note: you must be logged in to see the “Dashboard” menu option.
  5. Complete your submission
    In your dashboard you will see “My Award Entries”. Upload your cover and interior file, then enter the information about the author and book to complete.
  6. If you have questions
    Please click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page. Our team of BookFest experts are standing by to assist you.

Award submission purchase options

One category ($74.99 / category) = $74.99
Three categories ($58.33 / category) = $174.99
Five categories ($49.99 / category) = $249.9