Bookstagrammers.com is an influencer platform dedicated to the book world. Bookstagrammers, Booktokers, Booktubers and Book bloggers from all over the world have registered on the website with their social media handles, their favorite book genres, the languages they speak etc. They are eagerly waiting to promote books, bookish merchandise and anything else related to their hobby.

Publishers, (indie) authors and other brands can set up campaigns with these avid readers and make sure that their product or service gets all the attention it deserves.

Bookstagrammers.com was founded in January 2021 by Dutch entrepreneur Antina van der Veen and works with established names such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster and of course Black Château. Interested in having a chat to talk about the options for your company? We’re happy to set up a meeting with you.

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