Write the Perfect Book Proposal


Charismatic authors and literary agents Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman have successfully sold nearly 1,000 titles and learned–through trial and error–how to write a flawless book proposal that publishers can’t resist. Now you can benefit from their hard work and publishing savvy. This new edition to the bestselling guide offers guidance and advice that will inspire, educate, and, most importantly, give you the necessary edge to get your book published. They explain:

* How to shape your idea and create a title
* Ways to get to know the market and competition
* Tips on writing an effective outline, query letter, and sample chapter
* The art and science of fiction and nonfiction book proposals
* How ten actual proposals (updated and included here) were successfully sold to publishers—and why
* How to capitalize on the evolving publishing industry, including e-books and social media
“A submission from Jeff Herman always gets moved to the top . . . his new book will show you how to move to the top.”–Frederic W. Hills Vice President, Simon & Schuster
“This book will take writers to the highest level of proposal writing and success.”–Roger Cooper Quality Paperback Book Club
“If you want your proposal to ignite a busy editor’s interest, read this book.”–Adrienne Hickey Senior Acquisitions Editor, AMACOM Books

I co-authored the first edition with Jeff in 1993, and it revolutionized the way writers presented book proposals. With over 250,000 books sold, it is one of the bibles of the industry. Book proposals can be deceptive. We combined my legal background in writing briefs with Jeff’s vast knowledge of how publishers and agents select titles to create an irresistible format. However, this book helps authors understand the nuances of each important section of this document. Writing a book proposal is part of the publishing protocols that are necessary to success.

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