When My Cousins Come to Town


Fitting in can be hard, but standing out isn’t easy either!

Every summer a young girl eagerly waits for her cousins to come visit and celebrate her birthday. All her cousins are unique in their own ways and have earned cool nicknames for themselves… except for the girl. But this year things are going to be different. This year before summer ends, she’s determined to earn her own nickname!

Filled with warmth, love, and laughter, When My Cousins Come to Town brings all the energy and love of a big family to prove that you don’t need to be anyone else to be special–just the way you are is exactly right!

A fun, lively story of Black family and cousin culture that celebrates individuality and embraces differences.

“This endearing picture book from Shanté (The Noisy Classroom, 2020) is a beautiful ode to Black families and the bond cousins have. . . Shanté’s love letter to Black families and the typical relationship Black children have with their cousins is smartly complemented by Morris’ bold, vivid illustrations of the cousins’ summer antics, often from the main character’s perspective. This story about wanting to feel included will be a storytime must!”

“An adorable book about being true to yourself and the joys of family, especially cousins.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Layered, collage-style art by Morris features rounded panels and centers warm relationships. Shanté aptly portrays the experiences of a young city denizen, peppering the family-centered tale with resonant cultural details.”
Publishers Weekly

“A good story to share when discussing different family units, this will keep children guessing at story hours. A rite-of-passage story that honors and amplifies the importance of extended families.”
School Library Journal

“Comical, poignant and richly illustrated, When My Cousins Come to Town honors the importance of identity and the value found in family traditions.”

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