The Scrapyard Shakedown

The Scrapyard Shakedown book cover

Kalea’s dad runs the local scrapyard at the edge of town. She loves spending time there, but recently she’s seen some shadowy figures lurking around. The strange activities make Kalea feel uneasy. Finding out about the Project Adventure kid-detective agency from Lisa, she wants their help to figure out what’s going on.. 

Ethan, Matt and Lisa meet Kalea at the cool scrapyard. It quickly becomes clear to them why she’s suspicious and they come up with a master plan. Lisa connects the shady persons at the scrapyard with the problems at the nearby Bird Sanctuary. But their ambitious plan of action puts them in grave danger, as they face freezing winter weather and sinister villains.

Will they find out what’s happening at the scrapyard and save Kalea’s dad? Can they outsmart the dangerous villains? Will they escape the life-threatening situations they find themselves in? And will Kalea want to be friends with Ethan even after the adventure is over?

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