The People Eaters


The People Eaters is the second in the series, following the widely-acclaimed Moctu and the Mammoth People, a story of love, life, and survival in Ice Age Europe. Both books are about what happened when our people, Homo sapiens, met up with Neanderthals about 45,000 years ago.

The People Eaters continues the saga, starting explosively as Nuri, the main female protagonist, is captured by a band of cannibalistic Neanderthals called the Shiv (a brief author’s note at the front of the book documents that cannibalism was relatively common among Neanderthals). Even though pregnant, Nuri demonstrates her strong courage and resolve as she endures horrible treatment, then tries to escape.  All the while, Moctu and his Neanderthal friend, Hawk, are trying to find and rescue her.

Elsewhere, Moctu’s tribe is having difficulty with a neighboring tribe of Homo sapiens called the Lion People, who are led by a powerful shaman.

In a tumultuous finish, Moctu’s small band finds themselves in separate fights with the Lion People warriors and a large band of the Shiv.

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