The Mother Code

The Mother Code book cover

Set on a near-future Earth inhospitable to human life, THE MOTHER CODE explores what it means to be a mother in a precarious world.

When a botched attempt at targeted biowarfare puts all human life at risk, scientists build super soldier robots programmed with a “Mother Code,” an ingenious set of instructions that enables the bots to raise and protect babies who are genetically engineered to survive.

Kai is born alone in America’s desert Southwest, his only companion his robot Mother, Rho-Z. As Kai seeks answers to his own origins, his devotion to his Mother only deepens. But as he meets other children like him and they all come of age, their Mothers are transforming too—in ways no one could have predicted. And when government survivors decide that the machines must be destroyed, Kai is faced with a choice: whether to break his bond with Rho-Z, or fight to save the only parent he has ever known.

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