The Immortal Muse


The Immortal Muse (book 3 of 4, The Creatives Series)

The darkest depth of winter has arrived, and the voices of the dead are calling.

Coco questions her present life and the Allegiance’s purpose when images of Gabriel’s past indiscretions emerge from paintings. She senses a seductive pull, the allure of her old life fed by her inherent need for freedom, and questions if this is real or part of Kenan’s plan to destroy her.

While the third incarnation of evil gathers strength, ancient tunnels beneath a Roman villa reveal Kenan’s morbid history, predecessors, and the secret of a fatal affair. Alessandro and Gabriel devise a plan to destroy Kenan, but someone will have to cross into a realm of women who died at his brutal hand—and a woman from Gabriel’s past will lead the resurrection.

To fight this evil, Gabriel must summon magic he would rather forget and a spell that endangers Coco.

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