The Courtside Mystery

The Courtside Mystery book cover

Ethan and Matt are looking forward to having a break from solving mysteries and spending time at basketball camp for a week. But as they arrive, they find out about an incident at a basketball game at their camp the week before. The police think it’s just an accident.

Settling into camp routine, the boys find out about the big rivalry between the two local basketball teams. Their suspicions are aroused when weird accidents at their camp keep happening. When Ethan becomes the victim of one of these accidents, they’re left with no choice than to investigate! They need Lisa, the third member of their detective agency Project Adventure to help with background checks that might lead to solving the mystery.

Will they be able to get to the bottom of why these accidents keep happening? Can they prevent anyone from getting seriously hurt? Find out what happens in this thrilling adventure at the basketball camp, full of rivalry and secrets…

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