Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner Front Cover

Sunday Dinners are for family, food, and fun!

SUNDAY DINNER is a family story that celebrates the tradition of Sunday Dinners as seen through the imaginative eyes of the smallest member of the family, Brandon. On Sundays there’s sure to be a story to tell. You never know who might pop in or what  surprises (or tasty dishes) they might bring. The guests and the food make it Brandon’s favorite day, so when he’s assigned a huge project on family traditions, he knows exactly what to showcase.

Award winning author Angela Shanté teams up with her husband Seth Rogers to bring this delightful story to life. “Sundays are for family, food, and fun,” Angela Shanté says. “It’s about sharing. Taking time to slow down and share a moment. This year should have taught us all how precious family time is.” Co-author Seth Rogers adds- “So many of our memories growing up are related to food. We wanted to make a book that shows children that the things we do today are the memories that we build traditions on in the future.”

Angela and Seth are joined on the project by arts activist Montaysia Yuneek Sims, whose whimsical art brings the story to life.

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