SELF-PUBLISHING: YOU CAN DO THIS!: What You Need to Know to Write, Publish & Market Your Book


The pandemic has brought both new challenges and new opportunities for authors. More people are buying books, but even more, people are writing and publishing them, also. How can you and your book stand out from the competition?

In this second edition of Self-Publishing: You Can Do This! Author and publishing consultant Karen Hodges Miller brings us the latest changes in the publishing industry, updating us on everything from the new surge in audiobook sales to dealing with social distancing.

Self-Publishing: You Can Do This! gives you a step-by-step guide on how to write, publish, and market your book. The book starts at the beginning, helping authors think about everything from how to organize their book, to when to write, to how to choose a topic that sells.

But once the manuscript is written, what do you do? This is where many writers make a mistake, says Miller, who as the CEO of Open Door Publications has been working with self-published and independent authors since 2004. Her book gives an overview of everything you need to think about when turning your manuscript into both an e-book and paper book, including tips on formatting a professional-looking book in Word.

Finally, she ends the book with a complete section on marketing books and e-books that covers everything from setting up an e-book promotion to organizing a launch event.
Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced indie publisher, there is something for you in Self-Publishing: You Can Do This!

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