Out of The Box – A New World


A fun and engaging children’s book about discovering new places, friendship, and exploring our wonderful world!

Welcome to Grey City! This is a city surrounded by walls with no trees, but full of factories, smog and dirt.

Brother and sister Noah and Mila have lived here their whole life.

On their daily walk, their dog Buster digs a hole under the city’s walls and escapes to the other side. Noah and Mila follow him and see a whole new world outside the little box they’ve grown up in. They discover the beautiful Green Town.

There they encounter new faces like Ali and Carol who show them what it’s like to breathe clean air, ride a bicycle and see trees everywhere you go.

Why have Noah and Mila never heard of Green Town before?

Out of the Box is the story of an adventure and discovery that allows children to connect with the environment through the eyes of Noah and Mila.

It shows us the importance of greener living and how pushing for change is possible!

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