Love Derailed


A hopeful girl, a scorned mistress, and a grieving widow find their lives intertwined. When a secret is revealed, who will be left standing?

Felina feels hopeful that she can change the trajectory of a life marred by alcoholism. She takes a job in the only profession she has mastered. The problem, the job threw her mother into the slums. Felina vows to change her family’s narrative and picks a house that gives her the best opportunity to succeed.

The one thing Felina didn’t expect was Jason, the unassuming son of the widow she cleans for. He steals her heart and crushes it all at the same time.

When she can no longer keep a secret, will she be able to navigate life and find happily ever after?

Grab Love derailed to find out what secret changed Felina’s life and if she took the road less traveled.

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