Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul


When a joyful boy realizes he is gay, he fights against family and religious prejudices to reclaim the God of love he learned about in hopes of discovering what it means to be a gay soul.


Knowing as a boy that I was gay while growing up in a conservative religious environment left me confused, depressed, and eventually suicidal. Quite early, I came to terms with the fact that I was gay. But as a spiritual person, I assumed that my sexual orientation meant that I would have to live without love.

Intense spiritual exploration in my teens led to a paradigm-shattering epiphany that showed me the light of my own soul and gave me the courage to create a bold and original path to sexuality and spirituality.

In pursuit of my ambitious dream, I encountered opposition from both spiritual leaders and the gay community. But I pressed on with my vision to lead a personally, spiritually, and socially empowered life as a gay, spiritual man who would share his life with another, similarly motivated man.

In June, my newest book, Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul, will reveal my entire success story. In August, my husband and I will celebrate our 39th anniversary. I am equally proud of both milestones.

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