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This book is the sad and expressive account of my life from when I was kidnapped and separated from my immediate family in the Twic area of South Sudan through the seventeen years I spent in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps to the time I reached Denver, Colorado, in the United States of America. 

I wrote this book to reach out to others to help them understand the killings and kidnappings committed by Arab militias in Sudan before and during the Second Sudanese Civil War and to help readers understand the journey of the Lost Boys from refugee camp to refugee camp. This book also discloses the leadership required to shepherd hundreds of the Lost Boys during one of the most horrific periods of human rights abuses of this generation. You will learn about the atrocities committed by the Sudanese government as you read the only published account of a kidnapping survivor and true leader of the Lost Boys of South Sudan and encounter the journey of tragedy and triumph I endured as I traveled barefoot across South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya. 

Although I was in a season of darkness and the worst of times, I still believed and hoped that there would be a time I could be educated and share my terrible experiences with the world to prevent the same harrowing things from repeating themselves with others. This book is a form of defense, and I promise to strongly fight against inhumanity and human rights abuses. This fight consolidates my belief, faith, and hope in humanity and human rights.

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