How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength

How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength

This book and the “How Women Master” book series are part of the growing compendium of works generated to address the unmet needs of millions of women who seek to thrive, to master the art of rising up, and to excel with new skills to conquer new challenges and accomplish amazing breakthroughs.

Derived from years of research, experience, and lessons learned along the way from leaders like Michelle Obama and a host of high-profile influencers, this book comes from Raye Mitchell, Esq., a Harvard Law School-trained attorney, speaker, negotiator, and power and influence expert, who has taken over 30 years of legal and business experience in marketing, branding, and intellectual property litigation as a trial attorney and compacted the secrets she has learned along the way into this power and influence leadership training series.

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