How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short


How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short is a must-have guide with all kinds of money-saving tips on living the luxury life for next-to-nothing! Discover how to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on entertainment & travel, shopping & fashion, health & beauty, home décor and more.

Each chapter has real stories, practical tips, and useful website links. Learn how to get deals & steals on designer clothes and shoes, restaurants and hair salons, Broadway and Vegas shows, and shopping online and off.

Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair done at upscale salons for free, how to get designer clothes for free, and even how to spend six nights at a 4-star resort in Spain for FREE!

You’ll Find Out How To:

  • Go to fabulous free events
  • Wear a $2,000 dress for $50
  • Eat at expensive restaurants for 1/3 the price
  • See shows and concerts in your hometown or on Broadway for free
  • Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance
  • Travel, dine, and shop for next to zero
  • Find money you didn’t know you have

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short was featured in Forbes and USA Weekly and won an award as the Best Book on Saving Money Living Well of the Year!

There is a ton of valuable information in author Marilyn Anderson’s breezy and fun style which adds up to a wonderful “how-to” book with a humorous flair.

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