Found In The Fountain


The Southmost Valley Series: For years fifty families have ruled the Southmost Valley. This picturesque part of Texas has been a destination spot for many elite business ventures, yet it has stayed true to its roots, and most has not changed. Families for generations can trace back their lineage starting to the great migration south during the Civil War. Texans from all over know this place to be a beautiful valley with scenery like no other,
yet visiting here is not something most will do. What keeps populations of vacation goers away? The secrets of this town are starting to bubble just beneath the surface when a stranger starts to appear in various locations. The “Shifty Fifty” as many town folks like to call them are starting to become antsy. Will lies and deceit through the years start to be revealed or is this stranger just there to mix up the dynamics? Read as Eric and Jade two teenagers trying to find their footing in the world become the center of attention when they encounter this new stranger and learn everything their parents never wanted them to know.

Book One – Found In The Fountain: Years of small-town secrets resurface. The founders have been keeping the biggest one of all. When one stranger hopes to rescue a lost soul and reunite the town with his kind, everything will change.

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