Courage: Find Your Fire and Ignite Action In Your Life


Written by Glenda Benevides, who is a Grammy Award Considered Musician:

If you are alive and breathing, you are growing no matter what you believe or what is happening.
“Who am I?”
Ask yourself this ever-evolving, truth-seeking question every day and ponder it with curiosity. Embracing yourself as you are is a key factor in being able to move anything forward in this world as an empowered manifestation of the honest YOU.
Take the time to step back and reevaluate your life. This action will support your efforts to embrace your own thoughts, inspirations, and honest desires and sort out the inner monologue that is working against you. Look at your own truth and intentionally let go of others’ opinions.
The walls of fear take the wind out of the sails of courage. Own what are truly your feelings. Speak up and speak out with passion and fervor, and love who you are.

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