Uncolonized Latinas

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Uncolonized Latinas

Transforming Our Mindsets And Rising Together

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Non-Fiction > Business Leadership > Psychology & Mindset


Valeria Aloe’s Uncolonized Latinas was written for Hispanics who are first generation to navigate academic and professional spaces, as well as for their mentors and sponsors seeking to support them to succeed. It provides powerful insights into the cultural limiting beliefs holding Hispanics back, and lays out a roadmap for personal and collective change. This book teaches us to: * Embrace our individual and collective greatness, as we honor our stories and our ancestry. * Become more aware of the limiting cultural narratives that have been running us. * As a Latina, thrive in your career and life from a place of self-esteem, as you learn from those Latinas who figured out how to navigate the system. * As an Ally, feel confident and become more effective when mentoring diverse talent.