Tomassini’s Trophy


Tomassini’s Trophy

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Nonfiction > YA - Sports & Recreation


Expectations are high when eighth-grade soccer star and high honor roll student Alex Tomassini starts soccer season at Beaumont Christian School in Greenbriar, Connecticut. He’s constantly compared to his standout older brother S.J. who receives most of the attention and praise from their prominent United States Senator father. If things weren’t already challenging enough, Alex’s team is poised for a huge year and hopefully a championship. As the season gets underway, Connor, a close friend, and teammate of Alex’s, experiences difficulties both on and off the field that threatens their friendship and the season. A transfer student from New York arrives on the scene and vies for a spot in the starting lineup to make matters even worse. Can Alex bring the team together in time to save his friendships and the season?