The Waiting Room


The Waiting Room

My Recovery Journey Through Medication Injury and Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Nonfiction > Health & Wellness - Medical, Nonfiction > Health & Wellness - Mental Health
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Nonfiction > Health & Wellness - Psychology


In The Waiting Room, Jennifer shares her own personal journey of an adverse reaction to a medication, which led to the prescription of a benzodiazepine and her on-going struggle with a complicated benzodiazepine withdrawal process. Pulling from her twenty-six years of working in the mental health field, Jennifer shares various philosophical as well as biopsychosocial/spriritual skills, concepts and ideas that have been proven to be helpful on her journey towards recovery. The Waiting Room is written for individuals and their loved ones who have incurred a medication injury, an adverse reaction to a medication, a complicated discontinuation from a prescribed medication, or for those navigating any sort of invisible and/or chronic mental and/or physical illness.