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The Veritas Codex

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award


A driven television personality makes an earth-shattering discovery. Is it Bigfoot? Aliens? Pity she can’t remember. TV star Lauren Grayson approaches urban myths with a scientific eye. But with the show in trouble and her co-host insisting they go public with their relationship; she needs a huge win to stay on the air. She thinks she has it with the discovery of a possible alien corpse in Peru… until the government arrests her and destroys her evidence. Desperate for a final shot at redemption, Lauren and her team head to the Pacific Northwest to prove the existence of Bigfoot. There, an encounter with a double-dealing diamond thief leads her into the heart of a volcano, and to a startling connection between this quest and her South American find. But for some reason, Lauren is having trouble remembering what she has learned. Will this breakthrough flip the channel to Lauren’s deadliest episode? Will she get her story on screen? Or will they get cancelled?