The Saga of Evil Monkey Man! Season One


The Saga of Evil Monkey Man! Season One

Authors & Illustrator


N Blake


Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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The peaceful serenity of New York suburb Cold Spring Harbor is jolted with an inexplicable explosion. As firefighters race into battle there are now reports of some sort of talking ape-man running around town. It’s a mind-altering, time-traveling, reality-bending, criss-cross quest across America in a search for a way to become human once again. Join Mike, the monkey man, Lina, the Kung-Fu chick, Manny, the mute midget, Menke Moon, the mad scientist, and Doc, the crusty Navy Corpsman, as they find their way to here there and everywhere, all while being pursued by some shady federal agents. It’s all fun and games – until someone gets turned into a monkey! Collects issues 1-4 of the popular indie comic book The Saga of Evil Monkey Man written by N Blake Seals, art by Butch Mapa with color by Blake. Cover by Butch Mapa with color by K Michael Russell. Winner of an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award, the Purple Dragonfly Award, and the Readers’ Favorite Illustration Award.