The Rescue

Kindle Cover 1-5-22

The Rescue

Book One of The Timestream Travelers Chronicles

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Second Place Book Award

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It all starts when the sheets go slack, and Aeneas vanishes! He and his two best friends, C.J. and Tabitha are spellbound as they watch the video feed of his disappearance and witness him climbing through his bedroom window an hour later, wearing different socks. Aeneas Entwistle, a slightly above average eighth grader is about to discover that the mystery of waking up with different socks is much more than just a prank. Meanwhile, Aeneas’s daughter, Cassie has traveled thirty-eight years from the future hoping to find any small detail that might help locate her missing father. Enlisting Harold, the Entwistle’s quirky housekeeper, Cassie works to rescue a middle-aged Aeneas, who vanishes into the timestream when a 7.2 earthquake strikes northwest Washington in 2053. But Cassie’s presence in the past might have unforeseen consequences. As she struggles to find her father, a carefully guarded family secret is revealed forcing her to make a difficult choice.