The Provenance


The Provenance

Astar’s Blade: Part One

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Fantasy - Magic, Myths & Legends


With the appearance of a ghastly apparition, Almon becomes obsessed to understand his father’s curse. Driven nearly insane he leaves his home to seek the truth in the mountains. There, he makes a fateful discovery on top of the world. Someone is there waiting for him. He finds the legendary Aberfell, the Supreme Historian, a cantankerous man as old as time itself and equipped with an unfailing memory. He alone remembers The Provenance. The Provenance is an immersive Epic Fantasy that tells the origins of the god’s, magic, and worldly power. But It’s a nasty sort of business when the magic of the gods is revealed to mortals. It always has unpredictable consequences. So why Almon? Why now? Blending the timelessness of The Giver, the ghosts of Odd Thomas, and the divinity of Gardens of the Moon, the history immortalized in The Provenance will leave you as haunted as Almon himself.