The One and Only You!


The One and Only You!

How to Be the Best, Truest, You-est You

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First Place Award

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A book for tweens on learning to own and love being who you are! Jam packed with fun illustrations, ample opportunities for self-exploration, and open spaces for creativity–THE ONE AND ONLY YOU! is an “emotions workbook” for kids in 4th through 6th grades featuring info on: Growth mindset and grit Brain science Automatic negative thoughts and how to work with them Why community engagement matters How to make better decisions Tweens also learn the value of belonging, diversity, internal motivation, and compassion as well as the power in being ridiculously yourself. Given current rates of teen depression, anxiety, and suicide–and the fact that anxiety affects nearly one-third of adolescents today–THE ONE AND ONLY YOU! arms kids early enough in their lives with social-emotional skills that they might reach their teen years resilient and ready to talk back to their negative thoughts. THE ONE AND ONLY YOU! also includes SEL exercises for teachers, counselors, and other caring adults.