The Mystery of Tully Hall


The Mystery of Tully Hall

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Action & Adventure
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Children's > Holidays
Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Fiction > Children's > Chapter Books


The Mystery of Tully Hall is a pacey, children’s thriller that tells how school holidays on a Welsh family farm turn into a heart stopping detective drama for friends Barrie, James, Jenny and Liz. When they hear how the police simply can’t crack the case of priceless antique silver stolen from a rambling country mansion, the kids decide they’ll have a go. Soon, however, they’re out of their depth against the evil intent of a criminal mastermind determined to deprive Britain of precious heritage, and the four tenacious investigators of any hope that they’ll see daylight again. The Mystery of Tully Hall promotes in children the values of honesty, kindness, hard work and courage. Young readers will feel comfortable in a technology-enabled world while seeing too how technology can be a mixed blessing.