The Maestro Monologue

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The Maestro Monologue

Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny.

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Non-Fiction > Self-Help > Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation


You were born a virtuoso—the Maestro—able to orchestrate your dreams into successful expression. Then, something happened. You heard the word “No,” and the next thing you knew, an unwanted mental houseguest vied for a first-place position in your consciousness, hijacked your potential, and distracted you from living your destiny. The most harmful act of self-betrayal is believing this pretender is helpful! First you came into the world, then you came to be who you are today. The Maestro Monologue teaches you to tap into a captivating inner narrative that strips power from the intruder and reawakens your natural power. This magic wisdom of self-reflection reinstates your unlimited resources in restorative ways. Manifest your inner visions of victory into external experiences of reality with a four-part journey that reveals what’s real about you. You’ll experience a transformation of self-consciousness that will enable you to uncover valuable facts about your unstoppable nature.