The Kingdoms of Felspar

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The Kingdoms of Felspar

The Curse of the Dragon Bloodline

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Fiction > Young Adult > Fantasy


Legend – As guardians of the land, Dragons have ruled and protected Felspar since the beginning of time. Now, the greed of humans and their lust for power has grown to unimaginable heights. Enraged that the blood of her offspring has been shed for man’s gain, the Legendary Dragoona is determined to stop them. Even if it means destroying every last one of them. Power – Resentful of their own mortality, the Kings of Felspar have tried to harness the power of the dragons for centuries. Although punishable by death, some will not be stopped from seeking that power for themselves. After all, who would dare challenge a King who holds such supremacy? Lineage – As the Kingdoms are plagued by the wars of men and dragons, a new bloodline is discovered. An abomination produced of both human and dragon blood. A bloodborne child strong enough to survive infancy with the traits of the dragons was unheard of before now. Could this new bloodline be the link to bring peace, or the end of all mankind?