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The Kid Code

30 Second Parenting Strategies

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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The Kid Code is a wellbeing manual that offers parents one hundred simple strategies for ‘right now relief’ in an upset with their kids—because parents deserve a peaceful parenting experience and kids deserve a peaceful parent. The book is a ‘wise meets practical’ mix of plain-English self-inquiry methods, demystified eastern wisdom techniques, lessons from kids themselves, and uncommonly powerful ponderings that will take parents from chaos to calmness when they need it most. The strategies take anger and confusion out of parenting and bring us back to sanity and love as a natural response when troubles arise. The two main problems parents struggle with are having very little time and finding strategies that work—and work fast. The Kid Code strategies work in thirty seconds, once you know how to use them, and that only takes a few minutes! The Kid Code Teachers offer further support through online classes. It’s a peaceful parenting movement in the making.