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First Place Award

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Second Place Award

Fiction > Thriller - Political
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Third Place Award

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It’s the 1950s in Romania, after the fall of the Romanian monarch, a time of terror for its citizens. Romanian’s communist regime is now in power and has implemented the Securitate, a police agency used as an instrument of manipulation and control over the country. But one group of young university students will not be silent. Young Virginia is a university student whose life of tragedy-including her father’s death and her brother succumbing to polio, pre-vaccine days-has given her strength beyond her years. For the first time since their deaths, she had started feeling a sense of fulfillment and inner peace, much due to her chance meeting of Jenica, a young man, “bright and full of energy and passion,” who has captivated her heart. But now, Jenica has vanished, and Virginia has enlisted their friends to gather information, taking serious risks in doing so, causing them to jeopardize their safety with the Securitate and others through exposure and asking questions.