The Hero’s Journey: Deliver Yourself From Evil

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The Hero’s Journey: Deliver Yourself From Evil

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

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We often see ourselves through various lenses. Many see their value through their accomplishments or daily performance. Others view themselves through their ability to meet the standards placed on them by others. Some people even view themselves through their current life season. An improper view of self can cause us to miss nature’s call to transformation, overlook true success, and even disregard the joyful state of being. Derived from the author’s extraordinary personal story, in this first volume of The Hero’s Journey Series, Author Chauncey McGlathery shares how to find and maintain wholeness in a world of chaos. Chauncey discovered his need for wholeness through chronic illness and recovered to teach wholeness to others as a life coach. Deliver Yourself from Evil is a well-crafted compilation of theories, life lessons, and wisdom intended to shift your perspective of self and the world around you. This book is designed to guide you to the true fulfillment only you can define.