The Fate Unfollowed


The Fate Unfollowed

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award


Akara Krosse and his people are thought to be dead, hunted to extinction by psychic agents decades ago, and that’s just fine by him. The anonymity allows him to live a quiet life inside the shadows of Mallis Two, the last city in a dying world. With his serpentine eyes, Akara can see fate, ribbons of golden light that weave through the high-tech city, guiding the world toward what’s meant to be. This allows him to see his destiny, but he’s blinded by his forbidden love for Marianne, a human woman who knows nothing of what he really is. When a corporate despot seizes control of Mallis Two and Marianne is caught in the crossfire, Akara is forced to reveal himself to save her. Now he finds himself thrust into public view and his people plunged back into war. Only one of his lives can survive the coming future, and Akara must make a choice; ignore his destiny and leave his people to die or lead them into a hopeless battle and lose Marianne forever.